Raul Sööt on saxophine, Jason Hunter trumpet&flygelhorn, Marek Talts guitar, Martin-Eero Kõressaar on bass, Eno Kollom on drums, Tomas Trulsson as a guest on fluita.  Listen Klassikaraadio Compositions and arrangements for septet.
1. Beautiful Thing
2. Dunes
3. Breathless
4. One of a Kind
5. Pine trees
6. Decorum
7. Thinking of You
8. Wannabe TEASER

Hagel/Hunter/Yaralyan trio

Jason Hunter is a Trumpeter, Arranger, and Composer originally from Los Angeles California. After studding music at both Fullerton College and Berklee College of Music with jazz greats such as, Mark Whitfield, Ralph Peterson and Tiger Okoshi, Jason has been performing with various projects as a side man and band leader all over the world. Hunter’s efforts as an arranger and player has assisted jazz and soul vocalist Sofia Rubina in winning Estonia’s 2015 Jazz Album of the year Award. Jason is currently residing in Estonia and is set to release new music in the upcoming months. Hunter’s style of blending his west coast jazz roots with modern jazz creativity can certainty be considered good music for the mind, body, and soul.

Contrabass virtuoso Ara Yaralyan (1973) studied in Finnish Metropoolia University´s jazz department and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre´s jazz department. He has collaborated with world famous jazz musicians as Ingrid Jensen, Kari Ikonen, Vardan Ovsepian, Andre Fernandes, Datevik Hovhanesyan, Verneri Pohjola and others. Ara composes mainly his own repertoire, plays together and records with Estonain musicians. He is a lecturer at G. Ots music school.

Ingrid Hagel Band – New release 0n 14th April 2018

Track list and translations:

1. January/Südakuu. Cold and freezing winter night, the northern lights are showing. The time for winter fun begins when the sun is finally rising. Only then will we have the time of our life – having snow fights, building snow men and sledging down the hills.

2. Cannot be silent/Ei saa mitte vaiki olla. Cannot be silent for it would be wrong. Singing softly with my kannel from my heart full of love. But if my song gets strong with desire then it’s all your fault my beloved one.

3. All for my darling/Kôik kallile. A young girl in love picks flowers to plait a wreath for her loved one. She sings of happiness and desire, devoting it all to him.

4. Under the birch tree suddenly/Kase varjul kogemata. In the shade of a birch tree suddenly I found you. I fell in love with your eyes so blue, saw only beauty around you. But happiness is now long gone, along with warming spring. My heart is cold from walking alone in the chilly fall.

5. Through the blizzard/Läbi tormi. 

6. Our lives/Meie elu. When I was still young then I knew only what I saw with my own eyes, singing cheerfully. In fact, our life is brief like that of a bird in the tree. Joy and sadness intertwined we live our lives and never can we know for sure if we meet our loved ones again.

7. Our childhood village lane/Meil ajaäärne tänavas. Our childhood village lane, oh how sweet it was! Where we, children, played until the sunset in the hay. Where my grandpa told me growing up was fast to come. I didn’t see it then, but it is clear for me now. No place else has been as sweet as our childhood lane.

8. Here we go, sweet brothers/Üles, üles hellad vennad. Dear brothers, let’s go to Sõõrumägi to celebrate. Together we will eat and drink, sing and dance and maybe even fall in love.

Martin Fabricius, vibraphone
Andreas Markus, bass and organ
Michael Dalgas, drums and percussion
Ingrid Hagel, violin and vocal
Neff Irizarry, guitar as a guest on nr.3 and 9.

Project Tharapita

Makiko Hirabayashi – piano
Klavs Hovman –  bass
Marilyn Mazur – drums and percussion
Ingrid Hagel – violin and vocal

Ingrid’s new album Tharapita get’s it’s name after a superior god of Vironian tribes in northern Estonia, first mentioned in Chronicle of Livonia on 13th century. There is no better term in the Estonian culture that can evoke the unity between man and nature. “When I started composing music for the album,” says Ingrid, “ the challenge was to recreate the sensations, colours and landscapes of my childhood’s country house and its surroundings. In contrast to the emotional vortex and the busy citylife of Copenhagen, the music is a journey back to all these memories, now coming life again through the eyes of an adult.”  For the project Ingrid has chosen pianist Makiko Hirabayashi, percussionist and drummer Marilyn Mazur and bassist Klavs Hovman to create the vivid pictures and bring the sounds alive through their dynamic performance.

Dansk Presse: Ingrids nye album Tharapita har sit navn efter en hovedgud blandt folkeslaget i landsdelen Viru i det nordlige Estland. Tharapita nævnes første gang allerede i Livlands Krønike i det 13. århundrede. Ingen anden term i den estiske kultur kan på samme måde vække følelsen af samhørighed mellem menneske og natur. ”Da jeg gav mig til at komponere musikken til albummet,” siger Ingrid, ”lå udfordringen i at genskabe følelserne, farverne og landskaberne fra min barndoms landsted og dets omgivelser. Musikken er en rejse tilbage til alle de minder, som nu igen kommer til live gennem en voksens øjne, og som står i kontrast til den følelsesmæssige hvirvelstrøm i Københavns travle byliv.” Pianist Makiko Hirabayashi, percussionist og trommeslager Marilyn Mazur samt bassist Klavs Hovmann, som Ingrid har valgt til projektet, skaber de levende billeder og bringer med deres dynamiske optræden lydene til live.

TRIOColonoal-copyTrio Colonial

Yasser Morejon Pino – guitar

Yohan Ramon – percussion

Ingrid Hagel – vioin and vocal

Trio Colonoal is playing a selection of works from renowed Cuban classical composers, from 19th century, when Cuba was Spanish Colony.

Marvellous-StringsMarvellous Strings

Karoliina Koivisto – violin

Tobias Wallin – cello

Ingrid Hagel – violin

A string trio “Marvellous Strings” plays their own arrangements from different classical composers from 19th and 20th cenury composers as Claude Debussy, Béla Bartók, Dmitri Shostakovich and Zoltán Kodály.