Wordpress1-Project Tharapita

Makiko Hirabayashi – piano,

Klavs Hovman –  bass,

Marilyn Mazur – drums and percussion,

Ingrid Hagel – violin and vocal


“Tharapita” is Ingrid Hagel’s new album with a collection of her recent works. Tharapita is a god from 13th centurys Estonian mythology, that symbolises the “Creator”.

These compositions represent a journey from the landscapes and country house of her childhood and the colors of the midsummer to her “new world” of busy Copenhagen city life and its emotional vortex.

Ingrid Hagel is born and raised in Estonia, and moved to Denmark at age of 20 to study jazz at the Rhythmic Music Conseratory, where she currently lives. Her compositions are rich in harmony, with adventurous melodies played on violin and sometimes enriched by her beatuiful voice.